why hello there

Annye & I met working for a small publication in Arkansas. She gave me back a social life after I moved here for a guy (bad idea), but stayed for a job. I owe her immensely for allowing me into her life and reminding me that good friends and a little fun can help you piece life back together.

Our blog, Smith & Emma, stems from the fact that in your twenties you begin to panic a little. You wonder where you life will go, what and who you will be. Will you get the picket fence and the man and the kids? Or will you fly solo, travel the world and have an amazing closet? Or maybe, you will figure out a way to have both?

Someday Annye wants to name her daughter Smith and I want to name my daughter Emma. This blog is named for them - the two little girls Annye and I may never have. Which is more than okay. Because as we traverse our twenties, this blog is meant for all of the things in life right now that fill us up. The things that remind us that we are forever capable of having the greatest loving relationship of all - the one with ourselves.

To every woman who is unsure of where life will lead her, this is for you. We hope whatever your someday is finds you. And if it doesn't, we hope you love yourself just the same and realize whatever someday you end up in is the one that was perfectly meant to be.