a manifesto

A Manifesto

We are...
a tribe of twenty-year olds. hoping and searching for something more.  too impatient to wait for our futures to find us, eager to go out and find them on our own.  two girls, lost in a world that is not quite our own {yet}.  hopeful.  sarcastic.  ridiculous. girls who know we want it all, but aren't sure how to get there.

paving our own paths.  traversing.  searching.

writers, readers.  lovers, fighters.  passionate.  peacemakers.  friends.  challenging each other.  proving ourselves and everyone else wrong.

This is...
a place to keep our secrets
a field guide
a time capsule
a pilot light for our generation

This is the journal of our twenties, as we learn and grow together {and apart}.  There is no handbook laid out before us, no guidebook to tell us how it's done-how to fight off the drunk assholes at the bar, how to handle asking for your first raise, how to be a better human.  All we have is ourselves and our ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other, pushing into our future.

Who knows what time and a little searching will bring?  It's going to be good, because we won't settle for anything less.