Thursday, March 22, 2012

poll of the week: let's be vain for a second

Happy Thursday, friends! The sun is shining in NWA and tomorrow is Friday, so I've decided that today is going to be a GREAT day! Plus, I'm seeing the much anticipated Hunger Games tonight and I am besides myself with excitement. Nerd, party of one.

Here are our results from last week's poll asking how you de-stress....

Most of you said you eat a good meal and have a drink or two, and I would have to agree with you! I'm not someone who needs to talk everything out {sort of wish I was at times}, so a bottle of wine and some good food always does the trick for me!

This week, inspired by a deep conversation I had with my mama a few days ago, I want to ask you a dating question...

If you had to pick a guy based solely on looks, not taking into account his personality or any other quality other than "curb appeal", would you date someone who is more attractive than you?

I have a theory, but first I wanna hear what y'all think! And I do want to mention that I don't condone dating solely on looks--it truly is all about the total package. But suspend your disbelief for a second and be honest!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

win your wardrobe...seriously!

Since I love you all dearly, I am going to let you in on a little secret! If you like Maude on Facebook, and post on our wall, you have the chance to win a free item of your choice every month for the rest of the YEAR!

Don't live around here? No worries. You can order from our Facebook page or our Website!

If you would share it with your friends too, I would be oh so grateful! We are trying to increase our 'likes' in order to win some free advertising on Facebook. Plus, it helps me look like I am good at my job. :)

Happy Wednesday ladies! This girl is off to her hometown this afternoon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bye bye bullies

This video popped up on my news feed today, a trailer for a documentary on something that needs attention: bullying.

Bullying is something very important to me. So much so that I have considered starting my own anti-bullying efforts (in which I will need your help!) Stay tuned for that. But for now, let's pay attention to a crucial film that is getting the ball rolling.

Bully will be in select theaters March 30. If you are lucky enough to have it playing near you, go see it. You can also check out their site here. 

Bullying. It's this thing that's always existed, right? We've grown up watching it on movies (The Christmas Story anyone?) and TV shows...we even grew up hearing about or seeing kids get bullied. It's just part of growing up, right?

Well, no. If you've ever been bullied, you feel quite strongly the other way. You also feel embarrassed. Confused. And then like maybe you deserve it?

My own experience with bullying took place in seventh grade. I was a new girl in school to a private, Lutheran elementary. These kids had grown up together. They were used to wearing uniforms (in elementary) and they didn't wear make up.

I had cute clothes, I'd already gone through puberty (so I had boobs, too) and my mom let me wear makeup.  Put those three things together at the age of 12 and boys will give you their undivided attention. And then, so will girls.

All was well in seventh grade until a girl in the grade above me decided she liked my boyfriend, too. Cue a flood of emails and IMs that said things like "You are so f***ing ugly!" "You should kill yourself!" "You are such a slut!" "You should strangle yourself with your horse hair!"
I kept it to myself for a while because it was embarrassing.  Plus, I started to believe it. (I ended up cutting my long hair myself in my bathroom at home.) Eventually I told my parents. Who were obviously furious. They contacted my principal (the bullying had spread to school, too--girls taking my things in the locker room, some eighth grade boy standing up in drama class to tell everyone I stuffed my bra, while I sat there in class). The principal said she had no proof of it happening in school, and well, the emails, though obvious proof, weren't actually happening at school so her hands were tied.
Eventually, it stopped. I show huge thanks to my best friend Emily, the other new girl in school, who stuck by my side the whole time. My parents, who I learned I could tell almost anything to. My brother, who threatened to kick a lot of ass when boys chimed in on the fun. And, my seventh grade boyfriend, Ryan, who didn't care what anyone said about me.

My bullying experience destroyed my confidence, for a while. As much as you want to appear "tough" when you go through it, and say you don't do. It also caused me to lose ties with who I was for awhile when I became a popular eighth grade girl. I myself became a bully for awhile. I didn't send any hate e-mails, but I made fun of people. In front of them. Behind their backs.
Looking back, it was out of insecurity. If I had to guess, it's the same reason that eighth grade girl started to bully me. I'm not a mean person, and most of the time, either are the bullies. How does that saying go? "Hurt people hurt people."

Not that it's an excuse. Because its not. But bullying needs to stop. It has to. How many more kids can we lose to it?

While I do think part of the answer lies in harsher (much harsher) punishments for bullying in our schools, I think the other part to think about is how we are raising our children. What kind of examples are we setting?

Food for thought. Next time you want to make fun of your co-worker or that girl who dates your ex-boyfriend, don't. Maybe it's time to look inside as to what makes you want to lash out at someone else. If we can learn to examine what causes it within ourselves, maybe we can teach our children to do the same. Remember that image when you point your finger at someone, you're pointing three back at you?
You may not be walking the halls of a high school, but we all know we just stop calling it is as adults. The change starts with us. Teaching by example. Teaching kids, our peers, our parents, that kindness, that compassion, is everything.

"Basically we are all the same human beings with the same potential to be a good human being or a bad human being ... The important thing is to realize the positive side and try to increase that; realize the negative side and try to reduce. That's the way."
-- Dalai Lama

What are your bullying stories?

Monday, March 19, 2012

good christian bitches

Hello and happy Monday dear readers! I hope your week is off to a great start. Mine certainly is already better than the last. Although we're not quite done with our deadline at work, things are looking up and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that's not bad.

Today I have a funny story to share that reminded me of the new ABC show, GCB. Have you seen it? I've watch the first two episodes and let me just tell you, as a resident of the South, a lot of it hits home. And this story is just one example of that....

I'd like to preface this story by saying, I'm not the best driver out there. However, I will admit, I'm one of those people who thinks they could give lessons to everyone else on the road. It seems like Arkansas is home to the WORST drivers in the nation. After all, we're not required to take driver's ed here. I kid you not. And most of the time, our lack of education shows.

Yesterday, I was on my way to church with my sister. We were driving in separate cars because she had to stop to get gas. On our way, we were stopped at a light and I was in the right lane and she was in the left lane, both of us behind one other care. When the light turned green, we all started to go, except the Tahoe I was behind was going at least 20 under the speed limit. Not one to tolerate slowness, especially when I'm already running late to hear the Good Word, I merge into the left lane behind my sister.

The car in front of my sister gets into the median to turn left, so my sister speeds up to pass the Tahoe and get into the right lane (our turn was coming up and we both ultimately needed to be in the right lane). Then, wouldn't you know it....the damn Tahoe starts to speed up! She knew we needed to get over and she wasn't going to let us in.

This is my biggest pet peeve. When people drive like they own the road. First, the lady was going 20 mph under the speed limit and then, magically she finds her gas pedal and decides she's not going to let anyone pass her. With the turn approaching quickly, I had no choice but to slam on my brakes and get back behind her. And she proceeds to slow down again. UGH!

Finally we both make the same right turn and I am able to pass her on the next street thanks to my stellar accelerating skills. With a sharp look and the shake of my fist, I'm on my merry way. But it seems God had other plans.

After all that, she and I (the driver of the Tahoe, that is) had the same destination: Sunday night mass. What a coincidence! Let's just say the parking lot outside of church has never been quite so awkward. But I made sure to glare at her through my sunnies and even said a prayer or two for her terrible on-the-road etiquette.

Bless her heart.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poll results: Who do you look up to?

The results are in ladies and Smith & Emma landers tend to look up to...their parents! Next was friends. And {sigh of relief} no one voted for celebrities. We also had a vote for siblings—we totally forgot about those! Definitely a great group to look up to. You share the same gene pool after all!

This week, Annye and I have both been swamped with deadlines. The magazine Annye works at is hitting the printer today and I am battling midterm papers. 

In one my classes our professor hung a sign that said "De-stresser: Bang Head Here." It had an outline of a head and said "repeat as necessary." Honestly, I thought about using it. That said, we want to know how you de-stress! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

almost-wordless wednesday

Please forgive our absence here on Smith & Emma. We've been swept up in a storm of deadlines, responsibilites and real life! Meaning little to no time for frivolous things like blogging, sleeping or gossiping with friends. (Don't you hate when that happens??) We'll be back soon to dish on the unexciting details of our lives! In the meantime... here are a few images that are hitting a note with us and, we hope, you too! xoxo

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Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF ladies!

how cute are we as babies?

Happy Friday y'all. We are once again linking up with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition to share our deepest, darkest confessions. Enjoy!

Annye's confessions:
  1. Yesterday's happy hour festivities lasted much longer than expected and way too late into the night for this girl. I didn't hate it and had a blast, but I'm paying for my decisions today!
  2. It's Fashion Week in Northwest Arkansas! If you're local, you probably already know this. I've been missing out on all the fun events... but am looking forward to checking them out tonight and tomorrow. Can't wait to see some hot runway looks from our great local boutique's--especially Maude! Check out their cute video if you get a chance, right here. {You might spot a familiar face!}
  3. It's been a big week for me... I did something I never thought I would ever do. I quit my job!! Can ya believe it? Talk about surreal moments of adulthood. I'm really sad to be leaving the great girls I work with now, but am so looking forward to what's next. Big things are happening y'all!
  4. I'm wearing my mom's jeans right now. Ha! Not sure if I should be more worried that yes, they are totally cute and not very mom-like at all, or the fact that they are a little tight on me... meaning, my mom is skinnier than me and may even have better fashion sense than I do. Touche, mom, touche.
  5. Because of the recent developments in my work-life and just being really content in my social-life, I've been pretty euphoric lately. I've been having lots of pinch-me, isthisreallymylife moments? I feel really, really fortunate. It just goes to show that our happiness is the most important thing in life and without that, what do you have? Not everything is perfect all the time, but right now this feels pretty great and I think I'll bask in it a little while longer :)
Jena's Confessions:
  1. I got a really good grade on what is called a "taping" in my major and I totally geeked out about it. We film ourselves practicing counseling techniques as "counselors" with our peers who pretend to be "clients." For one, I can't completely shake that pride I got as an undergrad when I got an 'A.'   But more importantly, feeling like you are beginning to master skills that you will use for the rest of your life is a little invigorating. Plus it helps reinforce my decision to jump from one career to another. That little voice in my head telling my doubt "I told you so!"
  2. I've been a bit of a downer lately. Not that anything in my life is going particularly bad, it's all pretty steady at this point. I just adventure. A little spice. Nothing major, ya know? Maybe just something to look forward to. Cue thoughts of a weekend getaway, a vacation, a trip home, studying abroad and streaking. Yes, I considered it. Free and exciting if you ask me. 
  3. I've also been a bit on edge lately. Lacking patience with people and thinking a majority of them are idiots. I'm not sure what has gotten into me. The weather, maybe? I'd like to blame it on that. Or maybe everyone needs to just get a little smarter. Kidding!
  4. I was a total nerd yesterday, working on our new timeline page for Maude. A little reminder how much I do enjoy graphic design--when I don't have to do it every single day! 
  5. I'm looking forward to some much needed girl time with Annye this evening at Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. I'm still excited to see the clothes, honor my friend who co-founded the whole shebang, and wear something a little obnoxious. But mainly, I want to have one-too-many with my Smith & Emma partner in crime. 
Have a lovely weekend ladies!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

make him famous

Getting a little deep on y'all today. After my riveting post yesterday about my lip balm, it's safe to say S&E is nothing but fair and balanced.

Smith & Emma is all about the 21st century girl. A girl who is working hard to find her place in the world. A girl who may not know exactly what she wants out of life, but knows it will be great. A girl who cares about the world around her and wants to do her part to make a difference. Chances are, if you read this blog you fit under each of those categories. And today, this post is about the last--making a difference and doing our part.

I had a great day yesterday. One of those days where you just soar all the way through because everything is going exactly as planned and things seem to be perfect. After having sushi with my family, I headed home with a bottle of wine to chill on the couch and catch up on the internet. As I was perusing my favorite sites and checking up on my twitter feed, I kept seeing a link to the same Invisible Children video. It was 30 minutes long and I was about to go to bed so I wasn't going to watch it. But after seeing what seemed like the 50th post on the video, I couldn't stop myself out of curiosity. And I'm glad I did.

I was met with the harsh reality that although my day had been perfect by my standards, most days of my life would be perfect by others' standards and sometimes I loose sight of that. Talk about two extremes. Going from one high to an absolute low. But more than reminding me how good I have it....this video struck me with the harsh reality that we aren't doing enough to make sure that these children have the chance at any life at all. Joseph Kony must be stopped and we can all help by making him famous. Getting the word out about this criminal and the injustice he is causing in Africa.

So let's start today by watching this video and sharing it with everyone we can. Post it on Twitter and Facebook. Write a blog post about it. Send it to your family and friends. The more people who know about Joseph Kony, the better. It may not seem like much... just watching the video and telling people about it, but something is better than nothing. And if you can spare a few dollars, donate it to the cause right here... buy a bracelet, buy some posters, anything will help.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

silky smooth

Meet my new best friend. This little tube of lip balm has saved my sanity and my lips in a mere three days. I am not kidding.

So picture this.... On Sunday I was at my local Walmart, picking up some necessities. My lips were sooo chapped and peeling and just all around not cute. In my moment of desperation, I headed straight to the cosmetics department, not really expecting to find anything that would help. Well, out of the corner of my eye I spotted this little guy and thought for $8 I might as well give it a shot... probably cheaper than anything at Sephora, right?

Exactly right, my friend. In just three short days I can already tell a noticeable improvement and I think it's safe to say Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm has a new fan. Now, of course I've still got to show some love to my Nivea Kiss of Moisture... my old standby and one I'll never give up on. But this guy will definitely be in rotation! Especially as allergy season picks up and my lips continue to dry out.

Do you have any other tried and true solutions for terribly cracked lips?

kiss kiss with my new silky smooth lips!

No, Neutrogena is not paying me for this post. However, if someone out there has a hook up and would like to hook this lady up, I wouldn't say no!

Monday, March 5, 2012

yes, this is a whole post about what a terrible texter i am...


This is a public apology and response to anyone I've ever offended by my terrible texting manners....

I get shamed regularly by friends, family members and anybody in between about my terrible response times and inability to hold "my side" of the conversation when we're talking via texts. If you have ever text messaged me, it's pretty likely that I've been unintentionally rude to you at some point--leaving questions unanswered, keeping you waiting for hours, dropping off the face of the planet just when the conversation gets good, etc. It's terrible, I know. You've all told me plenty of times.

Just so we're clear: texting is no doubt my preferred method of communication besides in person chit chat. Phone conversations are usually awkward--especially if you've called "just to chat" (hate that). And email and other forms are mostly outdated for our day-to-day personal conversations--plus I probably wouldn't be any better at that. Texting is a relatively easy, foolproof way to stay in touch in an informal way.

Because of the nature of this informal path of communication, I was clearly unaware of such rigid rules (except for those emoticon related ones, of course). Therefore, when you send me a message and I'm in the middle of what I'm doing, please cut me some slack if I don't drop everything right then and there to respond. And I do apologize if my memory fades and you go for hours without an answer to your very important question like, What are you doing for dinner? How r u? Did you see that Snooki is preggers?

I suppose I just assume that because texting is the most informal of its conversational counterparts, if something is really serious, you would pick up the phone and call me (I make exceptions for purpose-driven phone calls). If you've texted me, I should be able to assume that it's not an emergency. Nobody's life is on the line waiting for my little thumbs to type out a response... I hope.

I promise that my guilty conscience tries to do its part and force me to be better about texting you. It does, I promise. But, sometimes my short attention span and memory get the best of me. I have the memory of a goldfish and what I suspect to be a mild case of indifference. I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you. It isn't cause for alarm. Let's still be friends.


Friday, March 2, 2012

give a little love

via pinterest
I've blabbed on here about what I'm learning in graduate school before, and well, it's time for another lesson folks. One you may be well aware of, but one that is new to me.

My professor the other night explained that though we will be counselors, we still have to understand how to think psychologically. (Psychologists and counselors are not the same, p.s.)

He then presented in a nut shell how psychologists see the world...and it totally clicked with me.

People are born striving to have the perfect care giver. Because this can't ever happen, as no one is perfect, one of two things happen to people (for the most part.)

We are either a part of the presence of bad or the absence of good. The presence of bad means we experience abuse, neglect, etc. as children. The absence of good means we don't receive enough love, attention or affection as children.

The presence of good people go throughout life expecting to be treated the way they were as children, i.e. "This is how everyone operates. This is what I should expect and this is what I deserve." The absence of good people go throughout life searching for the thing that will give them what they needed as children, i.e. a new car, the perfect boyfriend, what have you...i.e. "This thing/person will make me happy."

I don't know why but this makes so much sense to me. And it also makes me morecompassion for people as a whole. We are all just these wounded little beings trying make sense of our lives. We all come from a need for perfect love. And we all share in the struggle that we will never get it.

The real-world application of all this mumbo jumbo? Be nice to people. The annoying guy. Your bitchy friend. The rude customer. We all just want to be loved...awh.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

poll of the week: who do you look up to?

Last week we asked you if you were giving up anything for Lent. Here are the results....

Jena doesn't do Lent, but I {Annye} give something up almost every year. I think it's interesting to see if I can go 40 days without something... it certainly makes you realize what you absolutely cannot live with out and what you can! In the past I've given up things like meat, ice cream, etc. This year it was Diet Coke. For about two years, DC has been my drink of choice. I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through my day without my afternoon can. But to be honest, it hasn't been as hard as I expected. Instead of Diet Coke, now I'm drinking lots and lots of carbonated water, which is just as tasty and probably better for me :)

This week we want to know who you look up to. Do you have a mentor or someone you really respect that you go to for advice? Share below!