Monday, March 5, 2012

yes, this is a whole post about what a terrible texter i am...


This is a public apology and response to anyone I've ever offended by my terrible texting manners....

I get shamed regularly by friends, family members and anybody in between about my terrible response times and inability to hold "my side" of the conversation when we're talking via texts. If you have ever text messaged me, it's pretty likely that I've been unintentionally rude to you at some point--leaving questions unanswered, keeping you waiting for hours, dropping off the face of the planet just when the conversation gets good, etc. It's terrible, I know. You've all told me plenty of times.

Just so we're clear: texting is no doubt my preferred method of communication besides in person chit chat. Phone conversations are usually awkward--especially if you've called "just to chat" (hate that). And email and other forms are mostly outdated for our day-to-day personal conversations--plus I probably wouldn't be any better at that. Texting is a relatively easy, foolproof way to stay in touch in an informal way.

Because of the nature of this informal path of communication, I was clearly unaware of such rigid rules (except for those emoticon related ones, of course). Therefore, when you send me a message and I'm in the middle of what I'm doing, please cut me some slack if I don't drop everything right then and there to respond. And I do apologize if my memory fades and you go for hours without an answer to your very important question like, What are you doing for dinner? How r u? Did you see that Snooki is preggers?

I suppose I just assume that because texting is the most informal of its conversational counterparts, if something is really serious, you would pick up the phone and call me (I make exceptions for purpose-driven phone calls). If you've texted me, I should be able to assume that it's not an emergency. Nobody's life is on the line waiting for my little thumbs to type out a response... I hope.

I promise that my guilty conscience tries to do its part and force me to be better about texting you. It does, I promise. But, sometimes my short attention span and memory get the best of me. I have the memory of a goldfish and what I suspect to be a mild case of indifference. I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you. It isn't cause for alarm. Let's still be friends.


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  1. great post...I'm with you! i hate having conversations via text. if you have a question, just call me!!!