Friday, March 2, 2012

give a little love

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I've blabbed on here about what I'm learning in graduate school before, and well, it's time for another lesson folks. One you may be well aware of, but one that is new to me.

My professor the other night explained that though we will be counselors, we still have to understand how to think psychologically. (Psychologists and counselors are not the same, p.s.)

He then presented in a nut shell how psychologists see the world...and it totally clicked with me.

People are born striving to have the perfect care giver. Because this can't ever happen, as no one is perfect, one of two things happen to people (for the most part.)

We are either a part of the presence of bad or the absence of good. The presence of bad means we experience abuse, neglect, etc. as children. The absence of good means we don't receive enough love, attention or affection as children.

The presence of good people go throughout life expecting to be treated the way they were as children, i.e. "This is how everyone operates. This is what I should expect and this is what I deserve." The absence of good people go throughout life searching for the thing that will give them what they needed as children, i.e. a new car, the perfect boyfriend, what have you...i.e. "This thing/person will make me happy."

I don't know why but this makes so much sense to me. And it also makes me morecompassion for people as a whole. We are all just these wounded little beings trying make sense of our lives. We all come from a need for perfect love. And we all share in the struggle that we will never get it.

The real-world application of all this mumbo jumbo? Be nice to people. The annoying guy. Your bitchy friend. The rude customer. We all just want to be loved...awh.

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