Wednesday, March 7, 2012

make him famous

Getting a little deep on y'all today. After my riveting post yesterday about my lip balm, it's safe to say S&E is nothing but fair and balanced.

Smith & Emma is all about the 21st century girl. A girl who is working hard to find her place in the world. A girl who may not know exactly what she wants out of life, but knows it will be great. A girl who cares about the world around her and wants to do her part to make a difference. Chances are, if you read this blog you fit under each of those categories. And today, this post is about the last--making a difference and doing our part.

I had a great day yesterday. One of those days where you just soar all the way through because everything is going exactly as planned and things seem to be perfect. After having sushi with my family, I headed home with a bottle of wine to chill on the couch and catch up on the internet. As I was perusing my favorite sites and checking up on my twitter feed, I kept seeing a link to the same Invisible Children video. It was 30 minutes long and I was about to go to bed so I wasn't going to watch it. But after seeing what seemed like the 50th post on the video, I couldn't stop myself out of curiosity. And I'm glad I did.

I was met with the harsh reality that although my day had been perfect by my standards, most days of my life would be perfect by others' standards and sometimes I loose sight of that. Talk about two extremes. Going from one high to an absolute low. But more than reminding me how good I have it....this video struck me with the harsh reality that we aren't doing enough to make sure that these children have the chance at any life at all. Joseph Kony must be stopped and we can all help by making him famous. Getting the word out about this criminal and the injustice he is causing in Africa.

So let's start today by watching this video and sharing it with everyone we can. Post it on Twitter and Facebook. Write a blog post about it. Send it to your family and friends. The more people who know about Joseph Kony, the better. It may not seem like much... just watching the video and telling people about it, but something is better than nothing. And if you can spare a few dollars, donate it to the cause right here... buy a bracelet, buy some posters, anything will help.


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  1. I like that you are taking a stance, but have you done any of your own research?

    Invisible Children is bringing awareness, which is great, but I'm not sure they are trying to solve the problem in the best possible way. Check out:

    Their video show suffering kids, which tug at the heartstrings. We need to solve this problem with our heads and not our hearts.