Tuesday, April 2, 2013

bow and count

I have found myself in a little life rut - feeling moody, down and worst of all - sorry for myself. Yuck. I've learned in times like this it's important to point out all of the good things and show some thanks to help you shift the focus from what's wrong to what is good.

When you're down and out -- it's time to bow and count. 

Dear God/Universe/Big Man Upstairs:

Thank you for my health. This is one of those things I definitely take for granted. 

Thank you for my jobs. They allow me to be independent, and pay for my graduate education. No graduate loans is a huge financial relief.

Thank you for my friends. They accept me in my moody, broody ways, and well, that's awfully nice of them.

Thank you for my ability to write. Writing can bring me such a sense of peace.

Thank you for this often tumultuous, uncertain yet exciting time of my life. It's about the journey, right? 

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