Friday, March 15, 2013

wishing you a fabulous weekend!


Like Usher, these are my our confessions. . .  

  1. I cannot function without caffeine. I thought I could make it today without my daily cup of coffee. It being Friday and all. Surely the pure excitement of the weekend at my fingertips would carry me through my day. Not likely. This girl needs a nonfat white mocha, stat.
  2. I have not had nail polish on my nails in over two weeks. Unheard of! It is driving me nuts. I don’t feel right without my nails painted. Must make time for that this weekend.
  3. I haven’t had my curling iron this week—been forced to rock the straight hair. My hair is probably thanking me for the reprieve from the heat damage. But I confess that I am so ready to get it back today. Praise!
  4. Clearly I’m obsessed with my beauty routine and when it is disrupted nothing is right in the world. #whitegirlproblems 
  5. I confess that I completely and utterly failed my Lenten sacrifice of giving up texting. Don’t even bother asking how that’s going because, well, it isn’t. Maybe next year?


  1. I noticed I am a huge sucker for pet names for women. “Doll,” “baby girl,” “my love,” “little mama.” When I get called any of those, or hear another woman called one of these by her man – my heart swoons. Totally grossing myself out with this one but can’t seem to help it. It’s so sweet.
  2. Scored a copy of the Justin Timberlake CD from my boss. Totally made my Friday.  For anyone else who wants a huge fan of Suit + Tie the rest of it is everything you hoped for.
  3.  I read a funny quote by Tina Fey yesterday. Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion. This is totally true. In fact, I’m practicing a counseling technique in my life that employs this notion that what you think can be more powerful than what actually is. It’s called acting “as if” – act “as if” you are the most confident woman in the room, or “as if” you are the smartest person in your class. Whatever it is for you that you want to change, act as if you have and see what happens.
  4. Speaking of delusions…I have been acting as though I’m not in graduate school this week. Haven’t opened a book all week long. I’ll blame it on Spring Break? Though it doesn’t technically start 'til Monday…
  5. Speaking of Annye’s goal of irresponsibility, I booked a flight to Chicago for the end of next week. Who cares by bank account is hurting due to Vegas or that I have a million projects to work on for school. I haven’t been home since April of last year. Time to see that bestie of mine and hug my mom and pop! 

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