Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 things to know by the time you're 30 - the smith & emma version

Glamour mag recently polled various famous people to ask them -- "What do you need to know by the time you're 30?"

 So Annye and I thought we would put our two sense in on the matter. What do famous people know anyway? They've only achieved fame. Totally overrated. It will also be fun to look back at this once we are 30 (not that far away, girlfriends) and see if we would add or change anything.

Jena's 15 things to know by the time you are 30:
1. How to write a proper thank you note. (We've covered this before.)
2. How to do your taxes. (My father still does mine. Next year, next year.)
3. How to save money for retirement. (Who knew there were so many choices for this?)
4. How to strike up a conversation in an awkward situation. Cue work party, networking event, meeting your boyfriend's parents. Have some go-to questions to ask.
5. How to ask for a raise. (I'm proud to say this one, folks, I know!) (PSS- You ask when you DESERVE it!)
6. Why you're special. And no, this reason can't be generic--"I'm such a hard worker!" That people, makes you sound like everyone else. What makes you, you? Channel Dr. Seuss.."Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." (Great for interviews, cover letters, applications, scoring that date with the cute guy...)
8. How to iron. Apparently this is an impairment in my gene pool. When I've attempted to iron my boyfriend's shirts, I add wrinkles. When I was home visiting last time, I heard my dad request to iron his own shirts. (Honestly, I'll probably just buy a steamer when I hit 30.)
9. How to cook one great dish.
10. How to host a dinner party. (I hate this sort of thing. So much pressure!)
11. How to confront someone. (Sidebar here -- Are you tired of these yet? -- Confrontation is NOT screaming, name-calling, talking about what someone did to you. Confrontation is actually a very healthy, very necessary personal skill to keep relationships real and without resentment. When you have a problem with someone...get some balls, go to them, and talk about it. Recognize what YOU did wrong in the matter, and give them time to respond to you and know that it's not about what you want, but how you can both walk away happy.) (Oh, and, I don't know this because I'm good at it, it's a skill you have to learn as a counselor. Thanks, grad school!)
12. How to sew a button. Google it people.
13. How to plan a trip.
14. How to make a budget. We'll put 'how to stick to a budget' in our 40s.
15. How to take someone on a date. Call me crazy, but, I do think women should do their part in the dating game. If the guy asks you out first, he should have a date planned -- start to finish. With some thought. But once you're dating, girls, take the guy out! Show him a good time. Give him a break from the pressure. Once you do it, you'll see that it really isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

Annye's 15:
  1. How to tie a tie. (That's hot, right?)
  2. The difference between quality and quantity. In all things.
  3. Know that you love your job--life is too short to still be working in a job you hate when you're 30, or even right now.
  4. Who your true friends are. And how to make time for them amidst all the chaos of life.
  5. What you want. Like, really, really want. (Working on this one every day.)
  6. Good music. Bands, artists, singers or songwriters you wouldn't be embarrassed to tell your children about one day.
  7. Good authors, too.
  8. How to be alone.
  9. How to forgive. And forget.
  10. How change a tire. Put out a kitchen fire. Where your electrical box is located. Who to call when your house is flooding. Or other practical matters, should they ever arise.
  11. What to order at the classiest bar in town and the nearest hole in the wall (not the same drink, I hope).
  12. How to navigate the grocery store. (I still call my mom most times I'm there to ask what aisle things are in.)
  13. How to leave the past behind. Let things go.
  14. How to fold a fitted sheet. Even if it kills you.
  15. Who you are.
What'd we forget? What are yours? We want to know!

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  1. I love this list girls! I've never stopped to actually think about this before, so now you've got the wheels in my head turning.. :)