Monday, April 9, 2012

making a run for it


Okay dear readers... today I come to you for advice and guidance. Any runners out there? I need your help!

I've been desperately trying to get "into" running since the beginning of the year. I conned my family into agreeing to run a 5k with me in June... meaning I had to buck up and actually start running myself. Personally, I've never ever enjoyed running. I used to dread the mile days in Gym Class and I've always been perplexed by those who claim to really enjoy it. Don't even get me started on my father... who religiously runs for at least an hour daily (ugh).

So yeah... since probably February I've been forcing myself to run at least three times a week (save for most of April.... slacked pretty hardcore). And I still loathe it. Dread doing it every time. Don't get excited for running as some claim to do. And it's pretty tortuous until it's over.

But not because it's hard. For the most part, it's been fairly easy--or at least not harder than I expected. I enjoy the challenge--somewhat. But I just don't enjoy the actual act of running. It's boring and I find myself counting down the minutes until I can quit.

Because I've heard so many people talk about how much they love and enjoy running and look forward to their workouts each day, I can only assume this is not normal. I really do wish I could enjoy it--working out would be that much easier. So... have any advice for me? Is this really normal and I just need to suck it up for a while longer?

Feel free to comment below or you could email me at Smithandemma at gmail dot com. I'd love to pick your brain!

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  1. Haha, I wish I could say I liked running, but unfortunately I also hate it! I've just been trying to exercise more in general lately and have started to try out running, but I honestly just get really bored. The only thing that pushes me through it is the feeling I get at the end, since I know how good it is for you. Sometimes I try switching it up between just keeping a steady pace the whole time vs. keeping a slower pace with sprints thrown in at random times, just to keep it a little more "exciting."