Tuesday, November 1, 2011

just married

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This is not what I planned on blogging about today, but I can't help but say something because it seriously riled me up so much! After venting to my mom about it last night, she was the one who suggested I write this blog about it...

What riled me up, you ask? Kim Kardashian and that sham of a marriage.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about how much this wedding cost, how many advertising dollars were earned, how much they earned as a couple, etc. etc. etc. from the entire spectacle that surrounded that whole relationship. I will admit to watching the first special on the wedding. But even before I knew about the divorce, I could not stand to watch the second part of the special because it was a gross spectacle to me. I get the idea of celebrating a relationship with an over-the-top party, but to go that extreme just seemed inappropriate and irresponsible, especially now in hindsight! But the wedding is not what this is about, this is about the 72 days later divorce.

One of my favorite bloggers, the Angry Therapist, basically said everything I was thinking on the matter. You should definitely check out his blog if you haven't already, but here is my favorite part of what he wrote:
I think there’s a tremendous lack of responsibility here. I don’t know their hearts or the details of their relationship but unless there was physical / emotional abuse, 72 days is not a marriage. It’s a summer fling. I don’t care if they went straight in couples counseling right after the honeymoon, 72 days is not enough to say you worked on your marriage.
-Marriage Abuse, The Angry Therapist
I want to get married one day. But it's people like Kim K. who makes marriage look like a joke. And when people are getting married and divorced in 72 days, what's so special about marriage any way?

I believe that marriage is an entirely personal thing, to be chosen by two responsible adults when they feel like they can sustain their relationship for the long term. Am I naive to think that all marriages can and should last forever? No... I understand that things happen, people change, etc.

But then I look at my parent's marriage.... They've been married for almost 30 years. Have raised four awesome kids (I may be biased...). And have truly been through the gauntlet including health issues and scares, moves, and now believe it or not, they live on opposite sides of the world-my dad has worked and lived in China for several years now. And yet, their relationship is the strongest I've ever seen. They Skype every day. They have a mutual love for each other. But more than that, a mutual respect. Something I can only hope to emulate one day.

Their marriage gives me hope. I just wish it was people like them that were celebrated in the media and today's society... and not people like Kim Kardashian.I suppose it says more about our society than Kim Kardashian herself, that we would put up with this. It also makes me sad to think that there are couples who are in love and would truly fight for their relationship who can't get married (yes, I went there). But then again, I know couples who aren't married and have much more fulfilling relationships than a lot of marriages. But for something that I hope to one day do, I find more offense in letting people like Kim get off so easily when others who would love to marry their significant other can't. I'd rather share the "sanctity of marriage" with them, than those like Kim.

Listen, I'm sure Kimberly is a great lady. I'm not judging her as a person... just judging her lack of respect for a special vow that I hold on a pretty high pedestal. I think a lot of people felt the "slap in the face" I felt after flaunting her marriage so publicly, only to toss it aside when she grew tired of it.
P.S. 7 other things that take 72 days

Edited to add: I just saw that Kim wrote a blog post today about the divorce. {You can read it here.} I must say, that although my feelings really haven't changed, it's nice to know she apparently didn't make any money off the wedding and will be donating money from gifts to a worthy cause. {The first question my mom had when I told her about the divorce was about returning the gifts...ha!}
What do you think about her post?? Do we forgive her? I don't know... but does she seem like a horrible person? Absolutely not.
Just wish she would have gotten off the "roller coaster."

Peace & blessings, loves!

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  1. You should go there!

    People who claim that by keeping marriage heterosexual keeps it holy really irk me. But not as bad as the people who claim that to legalize gay marriage is a small step away from a man marrying a donkey.

    Saying these things, like you do, is important because it opens up possibilities for discussion.