Friday, January 25, 2013

confessional friday

Some traditions you've just got to hold onto, so we're back to dedicating Friday's to dishing our dirt with one of our favorite blogs, A Blonde Ambition. 

Ridin solo' at a party circa 2010. haha.

Jena's Confessions:
1. I'm still sad, but my spirit feels a little more alive. I'm starting to look back a little less -- because the possibilities of the future are just too sparkly to ignore.

2. I had a great happy hour this week with Annye and Jaymi, a friend and former co-worker of ours. They talked about when they both met me -- and saw me as my spunky, single self. Feeling nostalgic, and hoping to channel that part of myself again, I found the burnt CD I made after my last big break up, which bears the pink sharpied title, "Ridin' Solo." (That song was my anthem for some time -- note the photo above.) And, man, did I belt that shit out on the way home.

3. I'm reading Victor Frankl's A Man's Search for Meaning and I am completely blown away by the power of the human will, and the great strength of our mind's to cope with unfathomable conditions. If you're struggling in any aspect of your life right now -- pick it up.

4. I spend way too much time on social media. And after reading two articles this week, one on and one in Cosmo (yes, that's a little bit funny) about the effects of social media on our happiness, I'm going to -- attempt -- to scale back my use. I'm posted on social media 8 hours a day for work, and that I can't escape. But when I'm off the clock, I've got to ditch the digital world and stop comparing where I'm at to others.

5. For being newly single, I'm a little bit too excited to spend some time alone this weekend. (That's a good sign, I think.) To eat some Chinese, do my homework, and take a few breaks with the bliss that is GIRLS.

Annye's Confessions:
1. Sometimes I wish it would rain just so I could wear my cute rain boots. And sometimes I wear them even though the chance of rain is less than 50%. Like, maybe, today for instance.

2. I honestly don’t care that Beyonce lip-synched at the inauguration. As Anderson Cooper so eloquently said, it’s Beyonce’s world, we’re just living in it.

3. I am happy. Not so much a confession. But I do confess to feeling guilty about being so happy. A few of my friends are going through rough times and sometimes it doesn’t feel right that I should get to have happiness when they are struggling to find any. I’ll just count my blessings.

4. I bought a new pair of tennis shoes last night. Even though they were only $10 (brand new Pumas, natch) and were for a good cause (Ozark Guidance Walk a Mile Shoe Sale on Saturday for any locals reading this—go!), I still find it slightly hilarious. You see . . . my other {perfectly good} pair is sitting in my closet collecting dust. Oops. Maybe these sneaks will spur a desire to, you know, do something that requires tennis shoes. Here’s to hoping.

5. Going to the dentist this afternoon and am pretty amped about it. One of the few people who look forward to getting their teeth cleaned regularly. Mmmm. I love it.  

Have a lovely weekend, friends. And feel free to share anything you need to confess! 

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