Tuesday, January 15, 2013

is this thing on?

Last decent photo of S&E from... Summer 2012. #fail

Well, well, well…. look who it is—the insanely delinquent bloggers who have gone off and left not a trail in sight. No breadcrumbs or even a glass slipper.

Somehow we've managed to find our way back to this little corner of the internet and are happy to say that . . . drumroll please . . . Smith & Emma is baaaaack!

Wish we could tell you we've been off changing the world, fighting crime or solving the U.S. debt crisis, but instead we've just been a liiiitle busy with our less important lives.

We are {almost} a year older and wiser. But mostly still clueless about this thing called life. Sooo... not that much has changed. Yay!

There are stories to tell and tales to be spun--can't wait to catch you up on what we've been up to since you last heard from us. 

Hint: boys! jobs! friends! life! responsibilities! being reckless twenty-somethings!

We’ve missed our little outlet in the world, and hope you’ll have us back.

We'll try to stick around this time....
Because things are about to get good.


Annye & Jena


  1. YAY, I'm so glad y'all are back. I've missed your updates!

  2. i am SO excited to see you guys are back!! i was asking around twitterland a few months ago to see if anyone knew where you guys went! :)