Friday, February 1, 2013

confessional friday

Happy Friday friends!! Here are our confessions for the week...


1. Maude (the boutique I work for) participated in a high school fashion show last night. I can't believe how old I felt. It's been a DECADE since I was a sophomore! The real confession, though, is that I thought some of those high school boys were cute...haha. Cougar, anyone?

2. I chopped off my ridiculously long locks yesterday and... I actually love it. All day I was looking up hair cuts, trying to figure out what the hell my face shape is, and stressing about if I should part ways with "my beautiful hair." But when that last ponytail was cut (I donated it -- 4 ponytails my hair is so thick!) I felt -- awesome. It's short and sassy (just like yours truly) and the outpouring of compliments was ridiculous. Everyone made me feel so special. Totally warmed my heart.

3. For dinner two nights in a row this week I had pickles and spinach dip and crackers. Weird combination, I know. But there two of my favorite foods, why not put them together? I have got to start feeding myself a little better...sigh.

4. The road to faith is not an easy one -- for me. I refuse to believe in anything just because I'm supposed to believe in something -- so I've been all over the place this week. Reading Christian articles, watching videos about faith in science, and re-reading my NPR's This I Believe to see what common folk and some of the greatest minds that ever lived (such as Einstein) believed. This is a tall order I've given myself -- but it's a necessary one. Whether I find my spirituality in humanity or God or Buddha. Or none of these. Or a combination of all. All I've realized this week is that I don't have to believe every aspect of what someone else believes -- I can make it my own. And maybe I'll never come to one final conclusion, maybe it's just important that I've let the journey begin.

5. I never comment on articles I read. I rarely can even stomach reading the comments for more than 30 seconds. But today, I couldn't help myself. I read an article from The Atlantic about a Pastor who stiffed a waitress at Applebee's who had been charged a 20+ group gratuity rate of 18%. The Pastor crossed it off, wrote $0, as well as "I give God 10%, why would I give you 18%"? The waitress snapped a pic of the receipt and like many of us would all do -- put it on her social network. It received a ton of attention, as it should in my opinion, and the Pastor received a title wave of backlash. Cue an "apology" about how she disgraced her faith and her church. Okay, she learned her lesson, right? Wrong! Biotch had the nerve to call Applebee's and request the waitress be FIRED! Yes, fired. And they did. As someone who worked as a waitress for 5 years, and even at Applebee's -- I have a strong opinion on tipping. Wait staff barely make $3 an hour. I got stiffed at Applebee's all of the time. I literally could not afford my bills some months. And it sure as hell wasn't because I wasn't working hard. And a table of 20? Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows how difficult that is. And I won't even get started on here about how wrong it was of that Pastor to use God as her excuse. I apologize for the rant. But, I beg of you, Smith + Emma land, be a good tipper. It's someone trying to make an honest living in a job that most of the time really sucks. Tip generously. I guarantee you will make their day. 


1. Y’all. I think I’m dying. I have proudly been claiming that I never get sick. But wouldn’t you know it… I think I’ve come down with a cold. Something just little enough to be annoying, but not big enough to actually matter. The worst.

2. Because of aforementioned sickness, I’ve done absolutely nothing this week. I feel worthless. And boring.

3. I stayed at my parent's house last night. I woke up this morning and my mom made me cinnamon toast. First of all, tastiest thing ever. Second of all, it's nice to have someone take care of you in the morning. The little things.

4. Another perk of staying at mom & dads? Sushi and red wine for dinner. Luckily, my cold has not affected my appetite ;) I could eat sushi and drink red wine even on my sickest of days, I'm pretty sure. 

5. I can never remember the difference/usage of affect vs. effect. With a 50/50 shot, I pretty much always guess. Anyone have a good way to remember?

Have a great weekend lovlies! xoxo

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