Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Las Vegas blew us away!

We went, we saw and I'd say we definitely conquered Las Vegas this weekend.

Jena and I, and five of our girlfriends descended on Sin City for a little fun and to celebrate 25 years of living. To celebrate ourselves--our accomplishments, our happiness, our failures and our successes.

The seven of us girls (appropriately titled the Seven Deadly Sins) are all completely different individuals with different hopes and dreams. From writers to marketing mavens, speech pathologists and pharmacy students--we literally cover the gamut of personality types and traits.

But we are friends. Friends who know how to cover each others asses when we need to, cheer for and lift each other up, hold each other and ourselves accountable, and give out honesty when everyone else politely sugar coats--on appearance, behavior and everything else in between.

At our last meal, we sat around a fabulous steak and lobster dinner and toasted to the last year--a year that for some of us meant defining heartbreak and scary failures, new loves and engagements, amazing career moves and profound learning moments. Then, we raised our glasses to our hopes and goals for the next 365. Financial stability for some, recklessness and taking risks for others.

After dinner that night, I sat back on a leather couch in a crowded club as the music was pounding, surrounded by six of my favorite people in the world--feeling so complete, so whole and so happy. These are my people. In that moment I knew regardless of what happens in the next year, when I turn 26 I'll still be surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women who I respect and admire, who despite much of an age difference between us, I look up to as role models for my own life. I only hope I can return the favor.

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