Thursday, February 7, 2013

learning your strengths

I'm not one for online quizzes determining whether or not I am Blair or Serena from Gossip Girl, but when I saw Annye's sis post her quiz results from Archetype Me, it appeared to be assessing something useful, plus it will cater your news to your archetype. (Though I think it's important to read news and opinions that challenge who you are.)

I also wanted to see if this quiz matched up with a few other assessments I've had to take throughout graduate school such as the Myers-Briggs and StrengthsQuest. It was pretty on point with what I've been told a few times before: I like to give, I like to learn and like the overly emotional girl in Mean Girls, "I have a lot of feelings."

I think these assessments are useful in two ways. One, you can learn what your strengths are as a person -- knowing these is great for life in general, but also job searching and interviewing. Two, you can learn the areas you want to grow your strengths in...say you want to become more of a leader, or become more of a spiritual person. Don't just get stuck in the labels it gives you.

You get the idea.

Tell us what your archetypes are -- and if you think they are right about you!

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