Friday, February 8, 2013

confessional friday

Meet our other roomie, Leigh! This was pre-hair-in-the-face at the Eli Young concert! 

It's already Friday? Time to spill.

Annye's Confessions:
1. I confess that I have been a very bad blogger this week. My goal this next week is to be much, much better about being on top of it. I have lots of posts that are just dying to be written, I just need to find the time to do it!

2. I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. I know, I know… kill me. But seriously y’all. I love holidays, especially ones that encourage people to spread love. Jena and I have some lady date plans for the big day and my weekend plans include a pre-planned date night with my long-distance lover. {Bet he’d love to know that I just called him that.}

3. Speaking of my aforementioned “lover”…. Seriously if one more person asks when we’re going to get engaged I may just go crazy. Didn’t we just start dating?! I can’t imagine how people who have been dating for longer than a hot minute endure that question over and over again.

4. Lent officially kicks off next week and I think I’m giving up texting. Holy crap, how am I going to do that?! Basically planning on not speaking to any of my friends or family for forty days. But hoping that it motivates me to actually, you know, talk to my family and friends instead of relying on the lazier form of communication.

5. Jena and I (and five of our other lady friends) are going to VEGAS in two weeks! I’m dying of excitement already. It will be our first trip to Sin City. Our only plans right now are to drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat good food, and celebrate 25 years of living life right. Any other suggestions? Send them our way!

Jena's Confessions:
1. This is less of a confession and more of a public service announcement. Ehhem. Women with long hair: it is not necessary to flip your hair over each shoulder repeatedly, like you're starring in some romantic comedy trying to catch the eye of some man who, let's be honest, is probably not even looking at you, especially when there are people packed around you like sardines and the only one in the room noticing your beautiful locks is the girl behind you who keeps getting smacked in the face with it. Lord.

2. Note above sass. Not sure what has gotten into me, but the sass just keeps pouring out of me this week. Maybe it's the hair. Or my lack of sleep this week. Either way, I kind of like it. In the words of Shoshanna, "I am a woman, hear me roar."

3. A man tried to buy my drink last night, and it wasn't even just for me, but a round for everyone we were with, and I couldn't let him do it. There is just something that irks me about a man I don't know assuming he's going to pay, when I'm all, "Hey world, treat us as equals!" I know this was just a piano bar and a Corona -- but it's the freaking principle. So I stood at the bar with him, noticing his lack of skill in getting the bartenders attention, made our drink order, and handed my card over quicker then he could his. What did I say in #2? I am a woman. Hear me roar.

4. My dad still does my taxes. And in my attempt to get him to let me try this year he refused. Reminds me of how he'd never let me mow the lawn growing up but he'd let my little sister. I think he and I both know those scenarios would end up in more work for him, but damnit dad, I want to appear mature and responsible.

5. I'm actually excited about Valentine's Day, too. Not having to buy for a guy means I'll be treating myself to some cute new lingerie from Maude, a fondue-filled girls night (see what I did there?) and a weekend date with my other roommate Leigh and best of all -- a big, hot, juicy steak.

Have a fabulous weekend, ya'll!

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