Wednesday, February 13, 2013

february 13.


A few thoughts for the day before Valentine's Day.... 

Think about this for a second--What is so bad about being single? The world is not coming to an end. You are still very much in charge of your own life. And! You don't have to worry about what to get a guy for a lame holiday that he doesn't even care about {the worst, am I right?}.

So, you don't have someone righthisveryminute. That doesn't mean that tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that you won't meet someone. You never know what's around the corner. And the more time you sit sulking about it or worrying about it, the more time you're wasting... instead you should be living your life or learning about yourself. 

Most of the time you're single because you truly need to be single. I 100 percent believe this. When I was single, I didn't know why I wasn't meeting the "right guy." That's because... I had to work on myself. I needed that time to figure out who I was, why my past relationships hadn't worked, and allowed myself time to prepare myself to meet someone new. 

{Worth noting--I definitely have more to work on--are we ever truly done becoming better people? It's much easier to focus on yourself when you're single and that's truly the best time to make the most progress. I find it motivating in a way.}

Take this time to try new things. Figure out what makes you tick instead of having to worry about what makes someone else tick. Meet new people! Develop a hobby or talent. And if you aren't feeling it from time to time, just take a page from Miss Kaling and put on some lip gloss and pretend to be psyched. Half the battle is mental--getting out of your own head and opening yourself up to new opportunities, new people, new experiences. 

Tomorrow night I'll be surrounded by a few of my favorite ladies. Instead of celebrating with the men in our lives or the men we wish were in our lives, we'll be celebrating each other. I think February 14 is often hard for us ladies because we put so much pressure on the big day. So unnecessary. Instead, pressure yourself into grabbing your gals and showing them how much you love them. Encourage each other to become better women. That's what I need from my friends regardless of my relationship status. 

Girl power!

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  1. Guuuuuuuuuuuurl I'm so with you! I hate the pressure of valentine's day, so frustrating.

    Tell me you love me everyday please :)!

    And yes, being single is fabulous. You only have to worry about you! I don't miss my single days, but I'm SO GLAD I had them. SO so glad!

    have a blast tonight :)!