Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Challenge!

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Annye and I have both been in a bit of a funk lately. And as good friends do, we have to help each other snap the heck out of it. To kick our butts into gear, we are taking a 30-day happiness challenge. We have to do one thing, every day, that invests in our happiness.

What those things will be, I have no freaking idea. I for one, have forgotten what makes me happy. How silly is that? Let's see if the next 30 days helps me figure it out.

We will post a recap once a week to let you guys in on the fun, not to mention hold ourselves accountable.  Especially me. I tend to say 'eff this' when the going gets tough. So I'll be proving to myself I can stick with something. (Thanks mom and dad, for letting me quit piano and dance team. You ruined me. Kidding. You knew they were all idiots, too.)

But this is something worth sticking to.  So bring it on.

P.S. We hope you join us! Check out 'the challenge' tab. 

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  1. This is a great challenge! Last fall I got so focused and wrapped up in school and homework and wasn't happy one bit, and it took being hospitalized with pneumonia to realize that even though school is important it's not everything, and I needed to remember the little things like crafting and baking and watching movies and running that kept me happy!