Friday, October 14, 2011

a week of happy

To follow up on our challenge of 30 days of happy things, we thought we would share with you the little things that have brought happiness lately.

A few things that are making us happy this week:

Annye's picks:

Weeknight movie night starring Ryan Gosling. His face makes me happy. So does a trip to the movie theater.
Stealing my roommate's clothes and accessories while she's out of town {Love you Meagan!}... having other closets to raid is truly the best.
Red & white outfits to cheer on the Razorbacks.
Quotes from Real Simple magazine that speak to me out of the blue.
Good books and journaling--a new bedtime ritual that I am loving.
Nieces who are cuter than anything else in the world and daily picture texts to remind me of it.
Plans to see my college bff's next weekend, and funny text messages from friends.
Teaching kids at church every Sunday night--something I once dreaded but have learned it's good for my soul to help others.

Jena's picks:

Warming up in the sun.
Micah as a dad. And the piano I love listening to them play!
Seeing old friends!
Cupcakes. And holidays... because I have two little kiddies in my life to celebrate them with!
Baby D always makes me happy. She stole my heart from the moment I knew she'd be arriving in 9 months.
Comedy. I love it. Even when it sucks! I commend those who can stand up in front of other people and try to be funny. Kudos!
One of the most simple things in my life that gives me joy: coffee.
Passing things on! This was my boyfriend's firetruck when he was little. Thinking about passing things on to my family some day makes me all kinds of happy.

What's making you happy this week? Please share!

Have a great weekend friends!

Smith & Emma

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