Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"you smell good"


Every girl loves a good compliment, and I’m no exception. There are three in particular that my ears really perk up to {hint, hint boys!}.

My hair. Like I’ve said, I care way too much about my mane. Have I made that clear yet? Someone who pays attention to my hair, and can appreciate a good poof, is good in my book.

My clothes. I’m not delusional enough to think I am ever the best dressed in the room, especially when I hang out with people like Jena who always look fabulous. So a compliment on my clothes is a rare treat that I sure do appreciate.

The way I smell. There is nothing better than someone who smells good, and recognizing this—I love to be told how good I smell. Plus… it’s something fairly easy to control so I think EVERYONE should smell good, without excuses. I'm what some may call a perfume hoarder. If you looked under/on top of my bathroom counter right now you'd find at least four different scents that I switch between.

The power of scent is pretty strong. As our strongest sense, smell is most linked to memory. We all smell things and associate them with ex-boyfriends, times in our life, etc. A strong case for always smelling our best I would say!

I go through phases of what perfume I wear, but if I find something I love {and that others do too} I stick with and it will stay in constant rotation. Here are a few tried and true scents I swear by…

Euphoria, Calvin Klein. Had to start off with this one because I wore it for four years straight through college, without ever straying and it will probably always top my list of favorites. I rarely wear it anymore because it is so closely associated with that time in my life. But I have never been complimented on my perfume as much as I was when I wore Euphoria. People used to come up to me all the time and then tell me later they bought it and wore it too. Love that!

Breathe , Lollia. I found this about a year ago, before I had ever heard about Lolia, at a store in Lawrence. I was immediately hooked and made my brother buy it for me because I couldn’t find it anywhere in Northwest Arkansas. Well, now of course I feel like I see it everywhere! I like to think it's because of my good taste. ;) Fresh and floral, and as someone who strays from floral scents as far as she can, trust me—it’s good.

Lavender Pumpkin, Harvey Prince Eau Flirt. This is a recent Birchbox find that I’m currently obsessed with. Having used the entire tester they sent me, I’m contemplating shelling out an insane amount to order a bottle of my own. This is a fruitier scent that would be great in the springtime.

Santiago Huckleberry, Voluspa. If you know me, you’ve probably gotten a Voluspa candle for a holiday/birthday/special occasion at some point in our friendship. My love for those candles knows no bounds. So, when I found their body spray while shopping at Anthropology , of course I had to get it. Reasonably priced and a scent that I already loved—I was sold. The scent doesn’t last that long, but it certainly pleases for short stints.

Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana. Total flashback perfume—it was huge while I was in junior high/high school. After rediscovering it late last year, I was reminded of what a classic scent it is for any occasion. If you can’t remember what it smells like, please check it out at Sephora next time you’re there and tell me it doesn’t remind you of the early 2000’s.

I’d love to hear your favorites! I’m actually on the hunt for something new right now…
PS. I'm also opinionated about what cologne boys wear. Might have to keep that in mind for a future post....


  1. To this day anytime I smell Euphoria I think of you. It's bittersweet.

    But I totally agree that being told I smell good is a compliment of the highest regard.

    The Cherub

  2. Euphoria IS amazing! I've also recently tried Lovestruck by Vera Wang and lurve it. It's light, but kind of musky too. Musky in a good way!

    Sidenote: Musky is such a gross word. Makes me think of sweat and stink. I digress...

    A fabulous post as always, darling!

  3. I'm also such a perfume hoarder. I just love so many and cant resist trying out a new scent. Like you said I totally associate scents to different times, memories, people and can never part with a scent completely. I love CK Summer and practically every one from victoria secret.

    Love your blog ladies! I'd love it if you'd visit mine :)

  4. I love this post - I'm always looking for perfume inspiration! One Summer by Calvin Klein is one of my favorites!