Friday, May 17, 2013

dishing our dirt

Throwback to June '11. One of my all time best memories. Mumford +  Sons with Annye.
It's Friday, and by the looks of our most read posts, ya'll like to hear us confess. And hey, we like it too.

  1. I confess that my first massage was everything I hoped it would be and more. I kept thinking about what an awesome job it must be to be a masseuse. To use your hands to make someone physically, mentally and emotionally feel a heck of a lot better. And feel better I did.
  2. I confess that I am really enjoying my time off of school. I've had time every day to work out, to read, to spend time with the people I love, all stress free, without thinking "I really should be studying." I even had the chance to rearrange and update my room. One more week of this glory. I am going to try to take full advantage. 
  3. I've been reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, per recommendation of Annye. I bought it a long time ago, and couldn't get past the first few pages. I confess that there was too much about God and Jesus for me to relate to. (Funny how things change, eh?) In my second attempt, I can't stop reading. I have spent a long time overlooking all I do have. So I'm trying to take pause and just sit in what my life is right now, in this moment, as messy and complicated as it may feel and be thankful. 
  4. I confess that big hair will never be my thing. Get that teasing comb away from me. It suits many Southern women, but maybe if you're a transplant you just can't pull it off. My friends from home tease me constantly about "being Southern"--my "accent," my affection for a man who wears cowboy boots and my love of smaller town living. But big, curled, gorgeous hair is never going to be a part of my Southern identity. Or is saying "bless their heart" -- we all know what you really mean.
  5. I confess that this weather makes me so happy! Thanks, God. Much needed.
  1. This has been a depressing week. No sugar coating that. I’ve been down in the dumps, a lot of people I know are going through hard times, and there just seems to be a deluge of sad news lately. But today, on the way to work I heard Wilson Phillips on the radio and decided you know what? It’s Friday and it’s going to be a good day. So far, so good.
  2. I don’t know if it’s a result of the aforementioned sadness or what but this girl has not been sleeping. Last night I finally got more than three hours of sleep and am feeling a little more refreshed than I have in a few days. That however didn’t stop me from popping open a D.C. before 11 a.m. Typically not my M.O. but sometimes you just need an extra kick in the pants to make it a better day.
  3. On that note, all I wanna do this weekend is sleep. Not going to happen unfortunately, but a girl can dream! {Get it… har har har}
  4. I giggled when I read Jena’s fourth confession. She and I are definitely opposites in the hair department—she rocks the cute sleek hair, while I am usually sporting the big ole Southern pouf. I constantly get comments on the “height” of my hair, but I can’t help it if I’ve got great volume and excellent skills with the teasing comb ;) I cannot leave the house without teasing my hair. It’s a problem.
  5. A month from today is my birthday. I guess that means it’s officially my “birthday month.” For the next 30 or so days, I get to be that annoying person who keeps saying it’s her birthday month. I apologize in advance.

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