Friday, May 24, 2013

here's to friday

Confession time, y'all!!

  1. I confess that this photo has had me laughing for a solid 10 minutes. Oh, Amanda Bynes. Bless your heart. Someone needs to reel you in, stat. 
  2. I confess that the three-day weekend on the horizon has gotten me through this week. Nothing like having an extra day off work to motivate you to make it through. Hoping for some sunshine, cold beer and lots of family/friend time. 
  3. I confess that paying major bills to get my car serviced this week makes me feel like such an adult that I cannot even handle it. Never mind this isn't the first time I've had to have my car serviced or that I'm turning 25 soon... This was a harsh reminder that I'm definitely an adult. Dang it.
  4. Speaking of adulthood. . . I confess that this week I've been daydreaming about closing my eyes and rewinding the clock a few years. I'd give anything to be back in college, living life in Chicago, doing ridiculous things every day. Adulthood is such a routine, it's starting to lose its luster. 
  5. But on the bright side? I confess that I secretly like having bills to pay, a job to go to every day, responsibilities and all that jazz. Makes me feel like I'm kind of, sort of doing something right and maybe have a tiny bit of purpose. It's all about perspective, ya know?
  1. I confess that on my last week of time off from school, I went into full-blown vacation mode. I went to Crystal Bridges {our awesome art museum}, saw a movie, had at nightly cocktail {or two}, ate some awesome food, stayed up way too late, spent too much money, and event spent a little time plastered in front of the TV. It's been glorious. 
  2. I confess that amongst my fun-filled week, I missed reading...just a little. I've never pegged myself for a book nerd, but I've got so many books I want to finish ranging on topics from how to live with gratitude, to Christian marriage, to a female sex therapist's encounters with male clientele. Quite the mix, I know. A girl's got to be well rounded.
  3. I confess in a short-lived attempt to not shop at all, I caved and bought a pair of shoes yesterday. I really needed new I didn't. But they are dang cute. I'm going to keep challenging myself though, I'll keep you posted on my next failure to have self-control. 
  4. You know that whole notion that you have to fall in love over and over with your significant other? I confess I may have fallen...again. After weeks of fighting, I did a little praying, asking for some gratitude. Never have I noticed how much he makes me laugh, the ease at which we can spend time together, and the fact he still opens my car door, every time, almost three years later. We may not have it all figured out, but issues are much easier to navigate when you can do it with an attitude of love instead of anger.
  5. I bought tickets to see John Mayer in July with my gal pals. I am stoked. I've wanted to see him since high school. Since high school! With all of my escapades this week, and the future fun planned for the upcoming summer months, it reminds me how blessed I really am to be living so carefree. 

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