Friday, May 10, 2013

since we've been gone

Hello, hello. Long time, no talk! Apologies for our absence…again. One of these days we’ll get the hang of this whole, steady blogging thing. Until then, here a look at what’s been happenin’ since we’ve been away….


Most notably, I just got back from New Orleans earlier this week. The "beau" and I went for the last weekend of Jazz Fest and had an incredible time. Saw some great bands (Phoenix, Widespread Panic, Galactic, The Black Keys, etc.), ate some to-die-for food, and enjoyed some time together in one of my favorite cities.

the food is my favorite reason to visit NOLA.... 
It was my fourth time in New Orleans, but I’m stilling finding more and more things to love about that city. The Garden District, Frenchmen Street, the amazing people, live music everywhere you go…. The list goes on.

clockwise: glowing on Frenchmen Street, a very unforgettable Phoenix show,
a muddy weekend at Jazz fest, winning major points at Widespread Panic 
You know how after you visit some places you feel like if you never go back that’s okay because you saw everything there was to see? Nope. Don’t feel like that about New Orleans. I have a feeling I could return again and again and want to keep going back.

clockwise:ladies @ the Arkansas Derby, a night out with the boy,
birthday weekend for our girl MB, "working" hard on a photo shoot
Other than eating my way through the Big Easy… I’ve been working hard, hanging with girlfriends, spending as much time outdoors as I can, drinking copious wine, counting down the days till June {my birthday month, duh} and generally enjoying my downward slide to 25. Bring it on life. I got this.


My last few weeks were filled with preparing for finals. Final exams, final projects, etc. The good news is...I'm finally done! (Until summer classes start.) The even better news is...I got all A's! Woot woot. I've also been busy designing a lot of invitations for weddings and baby showers (see below) beautiful boss is pregnant and having her second child. I even was a hostess at her wedding about feeling like a real adult.

I've also been pretty down lately. And in an effort to do things other than wallow, when a photographer friend of mine mentioned taking some pictures at his studio, I decided it was a must. What's that saying, everything you want is right outside of your comfort zone? So, I stepped out of it. Drank a big glass of red wine before the shoot and I had a blast. 

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