Sunday, May 19, 2013


After my post "cravings" I received a lot of encouragement and support from close friends and even a few people I don't really know.

I just wanted to say -- thank you.

I face a battle with this blog often on how much to share. There is a part of me who thinks...who cares. I shouldn't be ashamed of things in my life that are going makes me, me. But then there is that part of you that thinks...what if I share too much and people think differently of me. Or I hurt someone's feelings that I care about. Or I write inspiring posts that I don't myself live up to...

But every time I find myself "putting myself out there" whether it be about my journey to find God or dishing lessons from my romantic relationships...that's when people are affected. That's when I get a message about a post or a comment saying "I needed to hear that."

One of my friend's sent me a message the other day thanking me for the post and told me I have a gift with putting words to complicated feelings.

I've never really thought of it like a gift. Thinking of it that way fills me with a kind of humility. If this is a God given gift, how am I going to use it to the best of my ability? How am I going to honor it?

Well, I'm going to start by saying thanks. For accepting me with all of my flaws and my oh-so-many opinions. Thanks for reading. Seriously. And thank you for showing me through your kind words and caring that putting yourself out there is worth it.

I once expressed my concerns about over sharing with another one of my friends -- who sent me this. if you have the time, watch it. She talks about the power that being vulnerable gives us. And I've witnessed first hand with Smith + Emma that it couldn't be more true.

I am really, truly, honestly blessed to be surrounded by some seriously supportive, loving women. I feel really lucky to have friends that continually build me up. And teach me, too. Often times I get so wrapped up in building myself up that I forget to build up others. Lesson learned. Cause ya'll, when you take the time to share a kind word with a friend, or a stranger even, you never know the power it may hold.

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