Thursday, May 30, 2013

"well I won't make THAT mistake again"

-my best friend

my brilliant friend and i ringing in 2013
Last night at wine night, my friend inspired a lightbulb moment...

She said, "Every time I make a mistake at work, I just tell myself, 'Well I won't make THAT mistake again.'"

How refreshing.

And so true. 

Just another reminder that every mistake {no matter how big or how small} is just a stepping stone to a bigger lesson, a better life.

It's all about the learning curve.

Sure, we hope we'll make fewer mistakes eventually. But life is alllll about learning. Whoever claims they know it all, needs to have a lesson in humility and a piece of humble pie. Even if you do make that mistake twice, the third time's the charm right?!

I needed to hear that last night. Even if my friend didn't mean to teach me a lesson, it was welcome reminder that mistakes are okay. We all make them. As long as we're learning something from them, it's all good. 

Practice makes perfect. And I have a feeling we all need a little bit of practice at this crazy thing called living in your twenties life.

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