Friday, June 10, 2011

trend to try - jumpsuits

My friend Chloe (check out her awesome fashion blog here!) showed up at work today rocking a jumpsuit. She looks stylish and adorable, but she's also comfortable. Jumpsuits really work on all sorts of body types. Find one that cinches you in the right place--whether at your waist or under your chest, and make sure the length is right for you as well--calf, above the ankle, or a full pant leg. (Jumpsuits with wide legs are also in style if those tend to flatter you.) Pair with a heel for a dressy look or a flat sandal for something casual. It's such a fun alternative to have in your closet! 

Chloe's jumpsuit is from Maude Boutique. 
I recently nabbed one at Maude after another co-worker told me I should just try it on. I loved it. As a short person, it really lengthened my legs and made my body look very proportional. Just a reminder to step out of your fashion comfort zone... you will often be pleasantly surprised. 

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