Wednesday, December 14, 2011

go, see, do: munich

The last part of my trip report has finally arrived.... Munich was our last stop on our little tour of Europe. We arrived on Thanksgiving Day and left early Sunday morning. Munich was the one place we went I could imagine living. It was a beautiful city that was full of life--right up my alley. I tend to like city atmospheres that aren't too overwhelming, which is exactly what Munich was. The people were super friendly which is always a plus!


Munich was really pretty in the winter and I imagine it would be lovely in the summer, too. I would love to go back sometime in the warm months, but I have to say I enjoyed it in the winter as well. Everyone was bundled up and the beer halls were super cozy ;)


If you're there in the winter, the Christmas market is a must. Stalls upon stalls of cute little Christmas items and delicious food and drink to boot.

And if you visit the Christmas market, you'll be in Munich's prime shopping district anyways, so you might as well hit a few stores while you're there ;). This girl from Arkansas was in H&M heaven and loved every minute of it. I swear there were four or five different H&M's on the same little street... and yes, I went into each.

On a more serious note... We took a day trip to visit Dachau and the concentration camp in the town. This was certainly the most somber part of our trip, but we thought it was important to see it firsthand. I'm glad we went, because it was truly an experience I won't soon forget. It's super easy to get there from Munich and I would highly suggest going if you ever get the opportunity.


The beer halls are a must of course. We visited one every night in Munich, but our favorite was probably Hofbrauhaus--where we ate "Thanksgiving dinner." We sat at a big empty table that soon filled up with a huge group of men who were super friendly. The band and all the people having a good time adds to the authentic experience. Order a Radler if you aren't so fond of beer and you can thank me later.

If you ever go to Munich, have to eat a bratwurst on my behalf. I was so excited about eating an authentic German bratwurst during out trip that I may have eaten my fair share for the next year. German food was amazing {truly} and I still dream about those wursts!

My sister and I are already plotting ways to convince our parents to take us back to Europe this summer. Or maybe I'll just have to move there one of these days....

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  1. I love your Europe posts..I visted Munich two summers ago while studying abroad and loved it! I can still taste my german are right, the food was tasty!! :)