Thursday, December 1, 2011

poll of the week: what's your holiday shopping plan of attack?

In our poll from two weeks ago we asked for your opinions on long distance relationships. Here's what you said....

I was surprised by how many cynics voted ;). I'm of the school of thought that they can work. Long distance relationships take a lot of work and both parties have to be willing to really put in the work. We got some great comments on the post that I wanted to share:

Sarah said....
"my ex and I dated for three and a 1/2 years before we had to became long distance because of work reasons. we managed to last another 1 1/2 long distance before ending the time we thought a year or so long distance wouldnt be so bad with frequent visits and the end result being we'd be together in the same place...but with the loss of the every day time together, the few days together every other month or so and phone calls just weren't enough."

kBr said...
"My current boyfriend and I have been together for a year now and we have been long distance the whole time...we live about two and a half hours apart and met through friends last August....So far our only problem has been missing each other, which isn't fun but its not as bad as what some long distance couples deal with like jealousy, schedules that don't allow them to communicate much, etc.... So far its worth it though and our relationship is great!"

Leah said...
"My boyfriend and I are long distance during the summer- two so far, once I studied abroad once when we had jobs in different cities. I think it depends a lot on the people and the effort they put into the relationship! There's no doubt they are tougher than being in the same place but they can definitely work!"

Obviously each relationship is different, but I thought it was interesting to hear three examples of how they've worked and how they didn't. Thanks for sharing girls!

In this week's poll, we want to hear about when you buy your Christmas gifts. Are you like me and leave it till the last second? Or have you already checked everyone off your list? Do tell...


  1. oh hey, that first comment is mine! :) haha thanks for featuring it!

  2. Thanks for featuring my comment- these polls are so fun!- My christmas shopping is stressing me out this year! I'm especially having trouble with gift ideas for said boyfriend- why are guys so hard to shop for?! But I'm getting there and only have a few presents to go. My family rings bells for the Salvation Army in our local mall and we always laugh because on Christmas Eve morning nearly every guy in the mall is walking out with a Victoria Secret Bag..last minute shopping say what! haha.