Friday, December 2, 2011

go, see, do: salzburg

Second stop on our trip was Salzburg! After a full day of train travel, we were greeted in Salzburg by the first sunny day we had in Europe. {It was foggy and overcast our whole time in Prague.} Unfortunately, it did not stick around. Salzburg ended up being pretty foggy during our time there. But would wouldn't let that ruin our trip. The city was all decked out for Christmas which we loved and it certainly got us in the holiday spirit. Out of all three, Salzburg wasn't out favorite stop. We still enjoyed the city, but I probably won't go back. Only because we've pretty much seen/done everything it has to offer and there wouldn't be much to go back for.

{mom, sister and i}

Again, we were there during the chilly fall. But given my options, I would say go during that time! The Christmas decor and holiday spirit really enveloped the city, which I seriously loved. The Christmas market was in full swing which was a treat. I'm sure it's beautiful in the spring/summer, but I really loved being there this time of year.


The aforementioned Christmas market. With stalls and stalls of ornaments, great food and hot drinks it is impossible to pass up this festive stop. It's so quintessentially "Europe."

Festung Hohensalzburg is a medieval castle that sits atop the city. One of the largest of its kind in Europe, there is a lot to see. Including a museum featuring old rooms and history information and a fun little marionette museum. Apparently the views of the city from up there are great, but since it was so foggy the day we went up, you literally could not see a thing.

What was once a home for Mozart and his family, has now been turned into a museum. What could have been another boring museum, was actually fairly interesting with demo stations and things like that.


Goldgasse is a must. Picture a cute little street lined with darling shops. The time of year was perfect because it was lit up and decorated to the nines for the holidays.

Augustiner Brau is a classic beer hall and a fun way to spend an evening. Walk in, pick up your beer mug, rinse it off, choose your type of beer and you're good to go! The brewery also has stalls of food at your disposal and lively patrons who make the atmosphere just right. Basically what I'm saying is that I never wanted to leave! ;)

Then, if you're like us... you can leave the beer hall and head straight for the ice rink. Which is exactly what we did. With our libations to warm us up, we went for a few laps on the city's public ice rink. With American tunes blasting from the speakers to dance to, we had quite the time.

As you can see, Salzburg was a lot of fun! I'm so glad we went. Next stop: Munich! I'll be back next week with those details. Y'all have a good weekend!

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  1. Once again, if I can't travel myself right now, virtually traveling with you isn't bad at all! :) Salzburg seems like such a neat place to be right now- I love all the winterish things you guys did!