Monday, July 11, 2011

another year


Why are we afraid of getting a year older?
Why do 365 days signify a fear deep inside of us that we are suddenly un-cool, out of touch and out of date?
Why can’t we equate those 365 days to more life experience, opportunities to grow and be a better person?

Sure, it sucks that we’re no longer young enough to not have to worry about grey hairs or even wrinkles {boo}. But it doesn’t suck that we don’t have to worry about teenage acne, embarrassing parents or college boys {woo}.

I have a lovely, beautiful and talented friend who is afraid that she’s another year older—and therefore has nothing to be excited about anymore. To her I say: you are even more lovely, beautiful and talented today than you were last year! Embrace it! Because my dear, you ain’t getting any younger. {I’m a fan of tough love, can’t you tell?}

10 years ago, you didn’t know how to drive {whhhaa?}, how to live without your mama, tease that gorgeous mane of yours, or even how flirt with boys seamlessly.
5 years ago, you didn’t know how to cure those dreadful hangovers, write a totally banging resume, score a wicked date, or even how to masterfully pick out the perfect bottle of wine.
Image what you’ll learn in the next 5 or 10 years! You’ll practically be a genius!

I for one, wouldn’t go back and wouldn’t change a thing given the choice. To that I say: Been there, done that. What’s next?
Ps. Totally not kidding about the grey hairs... I detected my first ones {!!} about a year ago. And it seems they keep sprouting up at alarming rates. Major reality check for this girl.

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