Friday, July 15, 2011

Makeup Magic

When it comes to beauty products, marketers love me. I am anything but brand loyal, and I am always a sucker for the "latest and greatest" in makeup, face wash, face lotion, you name it, even though nothing is ever that different from the one I tried before.

However, this time, being a sucker has finally paid off. With combination skin like you've never seen it, makeup in my t-zone melts off my face while my forehead and nose have makeup flakes from dryness. Woe is me, right? Well, this makeup primer really does work. Usually I have to re-apply makeup or at least powder at some point in the day. Now I don't. My makeup stays on...ALL DAY and looks even and smooth, even in my dry zones.

So really, try this. It works.

That's the only beauty secret I have for now. As I keep blowing money on other new beauty products, you have my word I'll keep you in the loop when I find another good one.

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