Tuesday, July 26, 2011

thinking about ink

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Let’s talk about tats ladies.

There’s a little bit of a tattoo frenzy going on lately, at least in my neck of the woods. People getting them, wanting them, wishing they had them.

My thoughts on tattoos are as follows:

As long as they are not cheesy, from a drunken escapade, a tramp stamp, or just too much—I don’t mind them. I think it’s cool if you get something that means a lot to you, that you know you’ll love forever inked on you.

Men with tattoos, is a case by case basis. Random tribal tattoos I just can’t dig. But sleeves, àla John Mayer, I can definitely get down with. Much more than a sleeve? Probably not for me.

I don’t understand couples getting tattoos. That’s like strapping a ticking time bomb to your chest to me. It just ain’t gonna work out good in the end. And all you’re left with is some other guy's name tattooed on your body as a daily reminder. Not cute.

I was thisclose to getting a tattoo while I was studying abroad in Florence in college. I knew what I wanted, but at the last minute chickened out. Part of me wishes I would have gotten it, because what a great memory! But part of me is glad that I didn’t—which I think is the ultimate sign.

Have you ever craved a little ink? Wanted something penned on yourself to remember it forever? I wanna hear what you think!

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