Thursday, July 28, 2011

breaking barriers

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"Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone."

Interesting words by Robert Allen, some smart millionaire with a book about his money-making secrets. While I know nothing about Robert Allen nor have I read his book, I find his words to be a reminder that it is always the time to try new things and push your limits.

I recently tried my hand at a little runway at a small event for the boutique I work at. Something I normally would never do. Wasn't so bad. It was even a little fun to strut my stuff. Just realizing I can do it, regardless of how good I am, kicked my confidence up a notch.

Way more bold than walking in front of people (seems so simple when you put it that way), my boyfriend is busy coming up with a stand-up routine. I'm nervous for him being that I am the only person on the planet who finds him funny (kidding, dear). But really, just thinking about it makes me nervous. I could never, ever do it. Since I'm the funny one out of the two of us (kidding again. kind of.) I've been giving him some great material, but actually saying it in front of people? Now that is a crazy idea. What if they thought it was awful. What if they didn't laugh?

This is one of those moments where I answer my own perplexing question. Who gives a damn if they don't laugh, Jena. Don't take yourself so seriously.

Well, I most certainly haven't convinced myself to do stand-up at this point, and I may never. But I am ready to take baby steps outside of my comfort zone. Here are a few on my "YOU CAN DO IT!" list.

1. Go to a movie alone.
2. Eat dinner alone.
3. Host a dinner party. And even cook the dinner.
4. Sing karaoke. (This is a BIG fear.)
5. Take a weekend trip alone to a place where I know no one.

What's outside of your comfort zone? Give yourself a pep talk and get to it people.

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