Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Alert!

No, it's not my baby. Or Annye's. And thank the Lord for that. Our dearest Annye is now an Aunt.

In the words of Jane Austen, Miss Annye, "You are now a person of some consequence."

I wrote a blog post on my personal blog a while back about the importance of aunts in the greater scheme of things. I never thought this way about them til I read that book I keep talking about, Committed. (Hey, maybe you should read it.) Gilbert talks about how aunts are important members of families and society. While we may lack children, we have the time, energy and finances to come in when parents meet a rough patch. I believe this to be true and take my 'Aunt Dena' duties very seriously, as you all know. (i.e., that ridiculous birthday party I helped throw my niece).

I want to be a fun aunt. I want to be the one she knows she can tell anything to. I want to be the aunt she admires and looks up to. The aunt whose closet she wants to raid, even when I am old and she is young. I want to help her pick out her prom dress and write her college essays. When she's having a bad week in school, I want to take her out for a fun day doing whatever she loves most in the world at that time.

Being an aunt has been one of the most fun jobs in the world, and I feel blessed every day to get to be an aunt to that little angel.

As Annye meets her little angel Presley this weekend, it's safe to say she too will find immense joy in her new job.

Congratulations Aunt Annye. You are going to be the best aunt ever.

PS- I speak for all the Smith & Emmie's when I say this...Post some damn pictures of your adorable niece already, okay? :)

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