Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Fashion LOVES!

I've been thinking about what to blog about for a week now. Feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of topics that stress me out too much to actually deal with, I've instead decided to share with you trends for fall I am most excited about. Ah, avoidance is bliss.

Whatever this is called where the dress is a bit longer in the back. I should probably know the fashion term for this, but I don't. However, we have gotten in tons of this at the boutique I work at. On dresses, on skirts. I love it. It's something new (I think?) and fun. Adds a little funk, don't you think?

PS- Recognize the gorgeous model above? It's Annye's baby sis!

Booties. I love booties. And I really love these booties. So much so that I already blew the money on these puppies I won't be able to wear in Arkansas for another few months. Comfy (I swear), and adorable with everything - they are a fall staple everyone must have. 

Layers. I love fall fashion the most for this very reason. I can wear the same thing 3 days in a row 3 different ways. A huge trend for fall this year is layering over those ever-so-popular summer maxis. Way to be frugal, fashion gods! Keep those maxis out and put cropped sweaters, long sweaters, vests, and cropped or oversized t-shirts over your favorite summer maxis. You'll be cozy, look cute and feel smart for being oh-so sustainable with your wardrobe. 

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