Friday, September 2, 2011

telling the future


Do y’all ever read your horoscopes? I wouldn’t say I read mine regularly, but from time to time I take a peek just out of curiosity. And since yesterday was the first of the month and I happened to stumble upon it through a few other bloggers, I did check it out. And let me tell you, September seems like it might be a doozie for this girl.

First of all, I am a Gemini. For those of you who know anything about astrological signs, this is basically a warning to stay the hell away ;). We are said to be cunning, inconsistent, and slightly bipolar. Also very spontaneous, lively, witty, and good at communicating. We’re the infamous twins, so we have a good side and a dark side. {insert my evil and cunning laugh here}

Anyway, I wanted to share the first part of my horoscope, provided by Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone—she provides super in depth monthly horoscopes that sometimes are a little toooo freaky.

"September is a study in contrasts. It is almost as if September were two different months, with the sunny phase coming in the first 23 days, and then as you get deeper in the second half, most noticeable after September 24, gale force winds will show up and keep blowing through the middle of October. The universe will be speaking especially loudly and clearly this month, so it won't be a challenge to try to figure out what it is trying to say."
What is the universe going to say??? Perhaps that I have millions of dollars headed my way. A girl can dream.

I won’t lie, my horoscope made me weary for the month ahead (and October, too). I told my mom about it last night and she basically rolled her eyes at me the whole time. Believe me, I try not to play too far into it, but you can’t blame me for being curious.

So what about you? Do you believe in horoscopes and all that crazy talk? Someday Jena will have to blog about her stories with astrology and her psychic—they are certainly interesting and compelling! You can check out your horoscope for the month here. Hopefully your outlook for September is a little bit more uplifting than my own.

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