Wednesday, September 7, 2011

just one message


Last night I had another great night with a lovely group of women I consider some of the best. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Some food. Some wine. Lots of girl talk. I've learned to appreciate nights like those more and more, simply because I always leave feeling lifted up, encouraged, inspired and mostly importantly like I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life.

Which is why, if I had one message for younger girls it would be this....

Start cultivating your group of girl friends.

Weed out the bad. Stick with the good.Find girls you trust. Girls you like most importantly. Girls who share the same morals and beliefs as you. Who have fun doing nothing. Girls you can be silly with and serious with. Who encourage you and build you up when you need it.

I don't mean a large group of girls you kind of like. I mean two or three solid girls who you love like sisters, who will stick with you through thick and thin and who can laugh at you just as much as you laugh at yourself. Who will listen to you cry when you need to cry, will call you out for you bullshit when you need to be put in your place, and who will cover your ass, no questions asked, should the moment arise.

Now, more than ever, you're going to need a solid group of friends. You're not going to get the job you want one day and you'll need someone to call to bring over a bottle of wine and commiserate with you. A boy is going to break your heart and someones going to need to be there to pick you up off the bathroom floor. You're going to make a fool of yourself on New Years Eve and you are going to need someone to laugh at you for it, and then go buy McDonalds for your raging hangover.

We've all dealt with bitchy girls. Or girls who we thought were our friends only to find out they weren't. I wish that as women we can learn to lift each other up much earlier in life. But the good news is that eventually one day, you can leave all the petty drama behind and find real adult women who care about you just as much as your actual family--and sometimes you might even end up liking them more than you like your actual family.

Navigating life is just plain hard sometimes, but somehow it becomes a little bit easier when you have people to lean on and trust. And who you can commiserate with about your stomach cramps and PMS. ;)

Your BFFL,

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