Monday, February 13, 2012

blind date to soul mates

My favorite love story is that of my grandparents. So today I wanted to share the abridged version for you.

My grandparents met on a blind date... their mutual friends set them up. Six weeks later they were married. :) And as if that is not sweet enough, my favorite part is that they truly built a life with each other. They were married and had four beautiful daughters and lived very happily for many years.

I was very young when my grandfather died so I don't have any memories of him. However, my whole life my grandma has worn his wedding ring around her neck and it always struck me as the sweetest thing. No matter what, he is always with her.

A few weeks ago I asked her if she had ever considered getting remarried after he had passed. She said no. She never went on any dates and wasn't ever interested in meeting anyone else. The way she sees it is that she pledged her life to him. And although he probably would give his blessing to her dating, she didn't feel right making those same promises with anyone else. they were soul mates and she had no desire to try and find that with anyone else

Listening to Gram tell their love story is truly one of the most endearing things ever. They are the definition of true love and their story gives me a new perspective on blind dates :)


PS. Do you watch Parks & Rec? If so... Happy Galentines Day!


  1. OH my my my what a super sweet story! I wish people had your grandma's view of love and together forever.

    Thank you for sharing the amazing story!!!


  2. i've heard so many fantastic blind date success stories from older generations that it leaves me so much more optimistic about not turning down a blind date right off the bat. you never know!