Thursday, February 23, 2012

poll of the week: are you giving anything up?

Last week we asked about bedtimes and here's what you said...

Most of you go to bed between 11 and midnight... Which is exactly when Jena and I {Annye} go to bed. Some nights Jena bar tends and doesn't get to bed till 3 {crazy, right?} while I try to consistently go to bed as close to 11 as possible.

When I lay down I usually check my email/Twitter/Scramble with Friends one last time and that keeps me up later than it should. I'd be curious to know when you all wake up too... I try to wake up at 6:30, but usually stay in bed till 7:30. Quite a difference! I'm lucky that I can shower at night and it really only takes me 30 minutes to do my makeup and curl my hair in the morning. I've found that my sleep is far more important than my primping most days so I've got my routine down to the least amount of time possible.

This week we want to know if you gave anything up for Lent....Whether for religious reasons or not, we're curious if y'all are sacrificing something you love until Easter.

If you gave something up for Lent, tell us what in the comments!

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