Wednesday, February 15, 2012

party time, excellent

Are we all recovering from our Valentine's Day hangovers? Oh.. just me? Ha! I enjoyed my margs + wine last night and I am feeling a little sluggish today, I won't lie. To wrap up our Valentine's Day coverage here on Smith & Emma, I wanted to share a few photos of our Fondue Party from Saturday night.

The evening was a lot of fun... we ate our fondue, which if you've never done is a total blast. We did meat and oil, which is different from the cheese fondue you may be thinking of. You basically cook bite-sized pieces of meat in the oil and dip it in different sauces. It's hands on, everyone eats as much as they want, and it's always a fun experience especially for guests who've never done it before.

There was lots of pink! We asked that guests to dress up a bit, and most everyone came very festive. You can see in the photos below that I rocked a hair bow.... basically one of my favorite things ever. And Jena wore a very sexy red lacy dress. Ow ow! Can you spot us below??

After lots of photos in front of our streamer backdrop, a few of us passed out on the couch (wink, wink) and a few of us continued our shenanigans well into the night.... pizza may or may not have been ordered. We ended the evening with a very intense late night discussion on my bed (not intense at all actually but totally hilarious).

All in all a very fun evening full of laughs and lots of wine (I'm talking 6+ bottles, don't judge). I am glad I got to celebrate with these beauties. What did you do for the big day?? If you're with someone, I hope they spoiled you! And if you're single like me... I hope you found some ways to spoil yourself!



  1. How Fun! :)
    I am glad you ladies made the best of the day..

    I did a Ladies Night Valentines Party years ago with friends called "Who Needs Men when we have Chocolete"...We got Chocolete and Sparkling Apple Cider (we were only 15-17yrs old) and we watched movies. It was a total blast...and 2 of our guy friends crashed the party (well tried) and we booed them out of the house. It was funny!!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. That party looks like a ton of fun! Good for you ladies!

    Love all the dresses, decorations and champagne glasses! Ya'll look like a fun group of girls :)!


  3. wait, you literally mean a hair bow, as in a bow made out of your hair!!! how did you do it?! im about to google it