Thursday, February 16, 2012

poll of the week: when do you go to bed?

It's baaaack! After a brief hiatus last week, we're back at this week with a new gripping question that I know you've all been on the edge of your seats.

But FIRST! We want to say thanks for weighing in on what you want to see more of here on S&E. We always love hearing what y'all think and we're happy to oblige. Most of you said you want to hear more personal stories of our dating and relationship experiences. Well... I think we've got you covered there! It's safe to say between the two of us we've got a couple of stories to share.

Now... back to this week's question. We want to know about your bedtime! Scandalous and unexpected, right? ;) As I (Annye) was up way to late last night, I sat there wondering if I was the only one who felt pressured to be in bed by a certain time. So out of curiosity, we want to see how many of you lovely ladies give yourself a set bedtime (and if so, what time?) or if you're one who just sleeps when you're tired. Spill!

Now, those of you who have a bedtime... How many of you actually go to bed on time?? Hmm...?

Come back next week for the results!

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