Tuesday, February 21, 2012

um...that was embarrassing.

Annye and I were a little stumped today as to what to write about. She was hoping to think of something funny to share, which prompted me to write about my most embarrassing moment, ever. A moment I am not sure will ever be topped in my lifetime, or at least I hope to God not.

My first happened when I was in third grade at Rockford Christian Elementary. On this day at school I was getting hot lunch because they were serving my favorite thing...taco salad. Why I loved this taco salad so much? After the chips, the meat, the lettuce...they put hot melted cheese on top. Yum. So, on this day, I went through the taco salad line per usual, put on my toppings, and headed for that lunch lady to scoop a ladle of luscious cheese on my tray.

She did. What happened next is history... at least in my story.

I stepped on a wet spot on the gym floor, and woosh. My feet went out from under me and I landed smack on my back. My taco salad? The tray flipped, too, and landed right on my chest.

Cue tears. Cue a lunchroom full of third, fourth and fifth graders laughing, cue a lunch lady coming to my rescue as she stood me up and ushered me to the bathroom.

Though it happened 16 years ago, my boyfriend jokes this is why I'm afraid to be in front of people. Why I've never sang karaoke or want to crawl under a table if he acts anything but normal. Perhaps. Or perhaps it's just a good reminder that even when you fall flat on your ass, it can still get a little worse. Life may throw some taco meat and cheese on there, and then laugh at you. But even then, you can clean yourself up and face the world, because something worse will happen to Susie or Johnny.

What is your most embarrassing story?

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  1. my most embarrassing moment also happened in a lunch room! what is it about lunch rooms that make them breed embarrassment and shame?