Friday, January 13, 2012

confessional friday

1.     Most exciting thing that happened all week? The return of One Tree Hill for its last season. Yes, I still watch the show. Yes, I love it. I am not ashamed.

2.     Speaking of TV, am I the only one who feels like she watches every show on TV? Here is what a typical week looks like for me (in no particular order): One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Bachelor, Revenge, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Parks & Rec, Jersey Shore, Downton Abbey, Pan Am. Sick! That’s a lot of hours in front of a TV.

3.     So I started my diet! Woo! But I still have not started the other part of my resolution—prepare to run a 5k. I agreed to do it with my sister and aunt and of course they’ve both begun and are being total rock stars. Meanwhile, I’m still searching for motivation.

4.     According to my horoscope, today is the most romantic day of the month for moi. Here’s what it says…“One standout date night will be the highly glamorous night of January 13. It's due to be a quite an evening for magical love.” To which I say, look out boys!

5.     I don’t find Disney movies charming anymore. There is nothing I would like to do less than re-watching Beauty and the Beast in theaters. And I truly don’t understand paying $10 to watch a movie I could probably recite every line to. Sorry I'm not sorry, Walt.

1. I actually enjoyed a networking event last night. It could be because my boyfriend was there and there were free appetizers and wine. But, maybe not?

2. I typed an extra '0' when making a payment on my credit card from my checking and nearly wiped my checking account clean. Technology-1, Jena-0.

3. Instead of freelancing more or using my graphic design skills to make a little extra dough, I have instead decided to pursue bartending. Yes, a few nights a week I will be slinging drinks, getting hit on my men who can barely speak, and arguing with said drunk men over their bar tab totals. I honestly can't wait. No computer screen, no deadlines, and uh, cash?

4. My boyfriend made a fabulous meal this week for the two of us. I bought the groceries. I have no guilt about this arrangement. To other 21st century couples, I say, amen.

5. I just had to google 'What century are we in?' to be sure it was the 21st. I haven't finished my coffee yet, okay?

What are your confessions, ladies? Happy Friday!


  1. Annye: I LOVE one tree hill! I didn't watch last season because I couldn't catch up online, so I am so behind. I love that show though!

    Good job with the diet! One thing at a time. Once you are eating better you will find motivation for working out!

    Jena: I have always wanted to try bartending, just to say that I have done it. Good luck!

    I love when my bf cooks and cleans! Best thing ever!

  2. Jena, the century thing throws me off every time...and i'm supposed to b a teacher, who would also like to start bartending

  3. Sometimes I feel like I watch way too much TV as well! But the bottom line is we work hard, pay bills, and we are entitled to a little TV veg out time. Right??