Thursday, January 5, 2012

poll of the week: Is lip-locking a stranger acceptable on New Years Eve?

We asked y'all last week about your resolutions. Here's what you said:

No one voted that they don't make resolutions. I was very impressed. Since you told us yours, we'll tell you ours...

Jena's resolutions:
  • Get my finances in order (budgets & saving!)
  • D0 things I say I'm going to do. (no more bailing!)
  • Invest in me (starting yoga or dance)
  • Get really good at cooking one thing. (besides pasta)

My resolutions are a bit more extensive....

  • Be a redhead (a long time dream of mine)
  • Start our new writing project (Jena and I have something up our sleeve....)
  • Save lots of money (more than a grand would be nice)
  • Put money in a savings account for my niece (investing in her future)
  • Feel and look healthy (lose weight, run a 5k before my 24th birthday, do more yoga)
  • Stop biting my nails (every year this is on the list, every year I fail)
  • Write more hand-written letters (to my grandma in particular)
  • Visit Chicago at least once (I didn't at all last year and that depresses me)
  • Start working on my non-profit (I've got big plans y'all)
  • Wear more accessories (I'm notoriously bad at this)
  • Learn how to whistle (this is the year, I swear)

This week I want to pick your brains about your opinion on kissing randoms on New Years Eve. Is it okay in to get lost in the moment? Or is it totally unacceptable? Let us know below!

And of course... If you've got a good story, please share below! ;)


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