Wednesday, January 11, 2012

twenty things for twenty-somethings

just a few things for the twenty-somethings....
  1. know how to budget. not that you'll always use it. there will be times when you have to pick between eating and a cute outfit. it's okay to pick the outfit.
  2. find a cheap bottle of wine you love. just for sanity's sake.
  3. skim the news. if you're old enough to vote, you are old enough to understand what's going on in the world.
  4. {vote}
  5. write thank you letters. it's polite and your mother will be proud.
  6. know what you believe in. and why.
  7. stand up for what you believe in.
  8. use your words. u r an adult. spell like it.
  9. wake up in time for brunch on the weekend. you can sleep when you're dead.
  10. don't say you can't cook. anyone who can read a recipe and has been in a grocery store can cook something.
  11. it's okay to have one bad habit. everyone needs a vice and nobody's perfect.
  12. find a mentor. someone who you respect and admire. take them to lunch. ask for their advice.
  13. be kind. be humble. be grateful.
  14. call your grandparents.
  15. set goals for yourself. achieve them.
  16. don't be afraid to be unpredictable sometimes.
  17. wash your face.
  18. don't worry about the quantity of friends you have. quality is where it's at.
  19. invest in your own mental health. find a way to blow off steam or a really good therapist who will talk you through it.
  20. be selfish occasionally. now is the time to put yourself first.


  1. Love this. Washing my face is a debate I find myself in every night--sad to say. haha.

  2. What a great and inspirational list. I especially love #'s 2, 4, 5, 8 and 18! Cheap wine and quality friends...totes fabs (just kidding)!

  3. Love this list! Cheap wine is a must. I'm the world's worst at washing my face before bed - must get better about that!

    XOXO, girl!

  4. adore this list, every single one!

  5. This is a great list, bookmarking it! So true for this time in my life!