Wednesday, January 25, 2012

weird things about getting older


Just a few things that have weirded me out lately:

It's weird that I'm officially old enough where my best friend lives in another city, like... permanently.

It's weird that I go into an office every morning at 8:30 a.m. and often don't emerge until after 4:30 p.m.

It's weird that being an adult does not mean we have control over the things or elements in our life that change.

It's weird that next week will be my second year at my {big girl} job... It's really been that long since I graduated college??

It's weird that I'm attempting to take up running, because that's what I envision healthy, responsible adults do with their time. Says the girl who hates to run.

It's weird to have grey hairs(!!) at twenty-three.

It's weird that it's 2012 and 1990 was over 20 years ago.


These are seriously things I think about. Ha. Deep thoughts, I know.
What's weird to you about getting older?

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  1. It's weird to realize that advice people gave you as a teenager was actually valid, even though you thought it was super dumb at the time.

    People always make it a point to say, "Don't worry about it, this won't matter ten years from now." In high school, I could never fathom my super-important actions not mattering in ten years. But lo and behold, it's not even ten years later and a lot of the stuff I placed so much emphasis on is definitely not important anymore. Which is all to say that the legitimate, time-honored perspective of adulthood is SUPER WEIRD. And I spend much of my time thinking about how the things I place emphasis on NOW won't be important in ten years. Sort of depressing.

    I've turned into the lady that goes to the gym for an hour every day. And my high school clothes still don't fit. I never even set foot in a gym as a teenager/college student. WEIRD.

    I spend a lot of free time thinking about renting vs. owning. I'm also incredibly concerned with things like interest rates. WEIRD.

    Adulthood is incredibly isolating. I never realized how much of a built-in social structure was provided by school. I always imagined having a hand-picked group of super close friends by now. But truthfully, I'm more disconnected than I've ever been, and making new friends is hard. It doesn't help that everyone I knew in college either moved far, far away, fell of the face of the earth or turned into a total weirdo.

    I most relate to your #3. I always thought being an adult meant that you got to tailor your life. That everything would be OK and safe because YOU got to be the boss of your life. There's nothing further from the truth.

    (You girls rock.)

  2. I was watching an old episode of Friends the other day and realized it was from 15 years ago and thinking that must mean I'm old because I loved that show!